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privacy protection
A research team from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) recently developed a metadata-hiding analytic system, called Vizards, which enables data owners to securely define their data authorisation and control who can use their data, providing potential applications in various sectors, such as precision medical research.
A research team led by a scholar from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) recently developed a novel, tiny device to hold liquid specimens for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) observation, opening the door to directly visualizing and recording complex electrochemical reactions at nanoscale in real-time at high resolution.
Dr Eddie Ma Chi-him CityU
Neuroscientists from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) recently identified and demonstrated a small molecule that can effectively stimulate nerve regeneration and restore visual functions after optic nerve injury, offering great hope for patients with optic nerve injury, such as glaucoma-related vision loss.
Dr Sam Hsu Hsien-yi
A research team from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) recently developed a lead-free perovskite photocatalyst that delivers highly efficient solar energy-to-hydrogen conversion.
Pyroelectric catalysis
Recently, a team co-led by researchers at 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) triggered a significantly faster and more efficient pyro-catalytic reaction using localized plasmonic heat sources to rapidly and efficiently heat up the pyro-catalytic material and allow it to cool down.
Professor Ng Yun-hau
A research team led by scholars from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU), Australia and Germany successfully mediated the poor charge carrier transport at low voltage by adding phosphorus to a metal oxide catalyst, which reduced energy losses during water splitting. The findings offer a potential option for achieving carbon neutrality.
prof alex jen
Recently, researchers from 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) overcame this obstacle by inventing a novel device-engineering strategy to successfully suppress the energy conversion loss, resulting in record-breaking efficiency.
WeTac CityU
A team led by the 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) researchers recently developed an advanced wireless haptic interface system, called WeTac, worn on the hand, which has soft, ultrathin soft features, and collects personalised tactile sensation data to provide a vivid touch experience in the metaverse.
coding antenna
A research team co-led by a scientist at 澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) has developed a novel antenna that allows manipulation of the direction, frequency and amplitude of the radiated beam, and is expected to play an important role in the integration of sensing and communications (ISAC) for 6th-generation (6G) wireless communications.
Novel electrocatalysts for hydrogen production
Recently, a research team from聽澳门金沙投注中心 (CityU) developed a new, ultra-stable hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) electrocatalyst, which is based on two-dimensional mineral gel nanosheets and does not contain any precious metals. The catalyst can be produced in large scale and can help achieve a lower hydrogen price in the future.聽聽聽
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